About Green Mountain Photographic Workshops

Nature/Outdoor photography is one of the fastest growing, and we think, rewarding outdoor recreational activities in North America and beyond. Spending time outdoors with a camera not only focuses our attention on the natural beauty around us, but helps to strengthen our connection to the environment. Whether you enjoy photographing wildflowers, the grand landscape, streams, forests, wildlife, or the rural countryside in Vermont let us help you develop the technical skills and creative vision that will allow you to capture the beauty of the world around us.


Green Mountain Photographic Workshops

What is the difference between a Workshop and a Tour or “Tourshop?”

We like to think of a Tourshop as part instructional workshop and part photo tour.  A tourshop will provide participants with an opportunity to hone photographic field techniques while photographing in some amazing locations. Tourshops emphasize small group, field based shooting experiences and are limited to 12 people.  The majority of our time, sunrise to sunset will be spent in the field photographing as your instructor(s) provide expert individualized and group assistance.

During a Workshop participants can expect a variety of instructional experiences; each designed to expand our understanding of the creative and technical aspects of nature photography. A significant portion of each workshop will be taught indoors where the instructor(s) will utilize slide presentations and demonstrations to illustrate photographic techniques, concepts and equipment.  There will also be plenty of time to practice what’s been learned in the classroom while in the field shooting at some great locations.


Green Mountain Photographic Workshops

Both Workshops and Tourshops will emphasize basic to intermediate techniques utilized by successful nature photographers. Some of the topics include:

– importance of a tripod                          – working with light
– exposure and metering                         – composition and design
– effective use of lenses                           – close-ups in nature
– filters – depth of field

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