Fall Foliage Photography Tip: Look Down for Intimate Details

close-up photo of colorful fall leaves

© Kurt Budliger Photography

I thought I’d wrap up my series of fall foliage photography tips with one that is particularly useful as we get toward the end of the season.  Once the leaves start to drop or if you’re like me and get the  inevitable wind/rain storm that accompanies peak color, look down.  Thats right, down!  All that beautiful color that graced the landscape and forested hillsides is now on the ground so that’s where you should be hunting for shots.  The nice thing about shooting these intimate close up shots or as photographer Mike Moats like to call them “tiny landscapes” is that you usually can pick one spot, settle down and really take your time.  You don’t have to drive for hours at breakneck speed to some alpine lake in the predawn glow to get screamers.  Simply find a grove of maples or aspens near your home, or like me in your yard and walk around with your eyes glued to the ground, just be careful you don’t trip over your camera bag 🙂

When I’m shooting these kinds of images I like to search for subjects and compositions that have some real punch.  I like to key in on loud colors, graphic patterns, interesting textures and contrasts.  Some of the best opportunities arise during or after a light rain when there are jewel-like water droplets to be discovered.   Another great time for shooting autumn close-ups is early in the morning after a cold, frost producing evening.


~ by kurtbudliger on October 7, 2010.

One Response to “Fall Foliage Photography Tip: Look Down for Intimate Details”

  1. Very nice arrangement of colors.

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