Montpelier Vermont Photo Walk

© Kurt Budliger Photography

Getting a group of photographers together to go out shooting is a great way to find inspiration, dust off the winter photography cobwebs and make some fun new images.  I had the opportunity to do just that last week.  I teach two digital photography courses at CCV in Montpelier, Vermont.  Last week my digital photography II class headed out for a photo walk around downtown Montpelier. We had no real agenda other than to walk around and find some stuff to take photos of.  We’ve been focusing a lot lately on photographing textures, contrasts, line, perspective and color as subject.  Along the way we would stop for some impromptu teaching by yours truly, but for the most part it was to be a free flowing and unscripted event.

I usually don’t do stuff like this when I’m out shooting for myself, although I really should.  We wound up getting totally engrossed in shooting an aging railroad trestle that spans the Winooski River in downtown.  I had a blast discovering some fun subject matter, interesting patterns and textures of rust and paint as well as the graphic lines of the bridge span and tracks themselves.  I probably learned as much from my students as they did from me.  It was great watching how they approached the subject, the varied perspectives from which they shot, they were willing to try anything.  I also learned not to be so uptight about the image making process.  I usually have some expectation for each shoot I endeavor upon and frankly this can be as much a hinderance as a help.  It’s okay to go and just wonder around with no itinerary until something peaks your interest.  It’s sometimes better to do this and come home pleasantly surprise rather than disappointed because your expectations were not met because the light never materialized or there were not clouds, flowers, animals, etc.

I would never have made the included images had I not been out with my class.  Will they grace my wall in print form?  Probably not, but they were fun shots to make and I bet the experience of taking them in some way improved my ability to see and will no doubt benefit my craft in the future.

© Kurt Budliger Photography

© Kurt Budliger Photography

~ by kurtbudliger on March 23, 2010.

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