Costa Rica Dreamin’

One of the rare benefits of mud season here in Vermont is a lull in the photographic action.  The landscape isn’t too pretty yet, what little snow we have is kind of brown and the woods are kind of sticky.  About the only thing of real interest going on is sugaring season, which I’ll post about in the coming days.  So what to do during this lull in the action?  Spend some time combing the archives for images that never got processed or were overlooked the first time around.  I posted the spoils from the first of these sessions a couple of weeks ago, found here.

This time I decided to dig through some images I made a year ago while traveling in Costa Rica.  The trip was not a dedicated photo trip, but like any self respecting photographer I brought a small kit along as I was sure there would be plenty of photo opportunities.  It was actually quite liberating both physically and creatively to travel with such a small assortment of gear.  I brought only the bare essentials; Canon 5D body, 24-105mm f4, polarizer, cable release, 2 and 3 stop grad NDs and a super compact, lightweight carbon fiber tripod.  Everything fit into one small lowepro fanny pack and the tripod fit nicely in my osprey pack which was small enough for carry on.  Sure there were times when I was wishing for a longer or wider lens or some extension tubes for macro work but all in all it was great to make do with less.  And I don’t think the images suffered as a result.

Costa Rica waterfall

© Kurt Budliger Photography

Costa Rica canopy walk

© Kurt Budliger Photography

Costa Rica river photograph

© Kurt Budliger Photography

The below panoramic image is the result of shooting two images with about a 20% overlap in the middle and then stitching them together using Photoshop’s photo merge technology.  I was amazing how much of the Costa Rican countryside reminded me of the Green Mountains in Vermont, albeit with tropical plants instead of sugar maples.

Costa Rica landscape

© Kurt Budliger Photography

Costa Rica rainforest

© Kurt Budliger Photography

The above image was made just outside our rainforest bungalow.  It was amazing to fall asleep each night and awake each morning to the sound of this gorgeous little river making its way through the rainforest.  Just behind my tripod position was a wood fired hot tub on the banks of this beautiful little gem where we spent evenings relaxing after the day’s adventure.

Costa Rica beach

© Kurt Budliger Photography

Our last stop was along the Montezuma coast of the Necoya Peninsula.  We arrived just as the rainy season was setting in, in fact this clearing storm at sunset was some the first rain they had received in months.  As photographers it’s really easy to get preoccupied with all the gear and gadgets, often times convincing ourselves that our images will improve if only we had the latest and greatest new…..  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  All of the these images were taken with a very limited arsenal of equipment, they were however captured as a result of being there in the moment, fully present in the experience.

~ by kurtbudliger on March 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Costa Rica Dreamin’”

  1. These are all incredible images, very nice shots!!

  2. Hey, thanks a lot Joe!

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