Redwoods National Park Remembered

Redwoods photograph

© Kurt Budliger Photography

Just about every year at this time I start to get a major case of wanderlust.  Don’t get me wrong Vermont is a great place to live, play and raise a family, it’s just that as a landscape photographer I really jones to see a big dramatic landscape, or at least one that is very different from home.  One of the benefits of getting myself re-organized in the past week (see previous post here) is that I really started to dig through some old folders and look for images that I hadn’t processed or perhaps had been overlooked.

Last night I spent some time going through a folder of images from a trip I took a few years ago to Redwood National Park in northern California.  The photography part of the trip was somewhat of a bust, terrible light, no clouds, no fog to shoot in the coastal forest (except one morning) and I couldn’t buy a sunrise or sunset.  For me personally it was amazing to be in the midst of this incredible landscape, among some of the grandest trees on Earth.  I don’t think I devoted a lot of time to processing these images because I was somewhat disappointed with the shooting conditions and got right back into the busy schedule that is life.  Here are some of the shots that I discovered last night, only one of these had even been processed and only slightly at that.  After stumbling on these I spent some time processing in Lightroom 2 and actually think one or two will make their way into a future portfolio.  I can’t wait to go digging through a bunch of other folders looking for buried treasure.

Redwoods photograph

© Kurt Budliger Photography

Redwoods photograph

© Kurt Budliger Photography

fern photograph

© Kurt Budliger Photography

Redwoods Photograph

© Kurt Budliger Photography

Pacific Coast Photograph

© Kurt Budliger Photography


~ by kurtbudliger on February 15, 2010.

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  1. […] Costa Rica Dreamin’ One of the rare benefits of mud season here in Vermont is a lull in the photographic action.  The landscape isn’t too pretty yet, what little snow we have is kind of brown and the woods are kind of sticky.  About the only thing of real interest going on is sugaring season, which I’ll post about in the coming days.  So what to do during this lull in the action?  Spend some time combing the archives for images that never got processed or were overlooked the first time around.  I posted the spoils from the first of these sessions a couple of weeks ago, found here. […]

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