Best Landscape Images of 2009

It’s fairly common to see a “best of” or “personal favorite images of …(insert year)” on many photography forums and websites this time of year.  In fact, there is a great contest going on right now on Darwin Wiggett’s Blog around this very theme.  I’ve been busy cataloguing and processing a backlog of images lately and thought I would post some of my personal favorites made during 2009.  I shoot so many different types of images for clients and personal projects throughout any given year that I’ve decided to organize my personal favorites into several broad categories and devote a unique blog post to each.  So, over the next week or so I’ll post my 5 favorite images from 2009 in each of the following categories:  Landscapes, Lifestyle/Adventure, Wedding Photo-journalism and Portraits (not necessarily in that order).

Favorite Landscape Photos of 2009:

vermont photography by Kurt Budliger

Early morning light illuminates the Autumn colors of a mountain on Seyon Pond in Groton State Forest, Vermont © Kurt Budliger Photography

Acadia National Park Photography

An aspen leaf lays frozen in ice atop Acadia's Cadillac Mountain. © Kurt Budliger Photography

Swift River, White Mountain National Forest New Hampshire

Swift River in New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest © Kurt Budliger Photography

vermont photography by Kurt Budliger

A long exposure creates a swirling pattern in the surface of a small stream in Groton State Forest, VT. © Kurt Budliger Photography

Acadia National Park Photography

Pre-dawn light at Boulder Beach in Acadia National Park, Maine © Kurt Budliger Photography

Stay tuned for more favorites in the coming days.  As we wrap up 2009 here’s to wishing everyone a safe and productive 2010 and remember if you follow your passion and shoot what you love, you’ll produce the best work of your life!

~ by kurtbudliger on December 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Best Landscape Images of 2009”

  1. Super great work!!

  2. Kurt–what fantastic images! That Boulder Beach shot is absolutely surreal and sublime!

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