Autumn in Vermont, with a couple from the Adirondacks

vermont photography by Kurt Budliger

Early morning light illuminates the Autumn colors of a mountain on Seyon Pond in Groton State Forest, Vermont

Alas another Autumn here in Vermont has passed into the history books and we are well into “Stick Season.”  I’ve lived in the northeast for most of my life, (a short 4 year stint was spent living in Colorado during college) and it wasn’t until I moved to Vermont 10 years ago that I’d heard mention of more than 4 seasons in a given year.  We mark (notice I used the word mark not celebrate) the passing 6 seasons here; Summer, Fall, Stick, Winter, Mud and Spring.  Stick season is aptly named for the time after leaf drop to when the significant snows begin, a time when the forest more resembles a random collection of “sticks” jammed into the earth, some big but many rather puny.

Autumn is a very chaotic time for this photographer.  I spend the majority of September anxiously awaiting the onset of fall color, analyzing the changing colors, trying to determine if the color will be good, or if it’s happening early and of course planning where and what I’ll shoot.    And then, like every year it comes out of nowhere and all of a sudden, as if over night, the world around me is ablaze with color.  I then become a man possessed with getting out to make images.  The pace and general mood can be somewhat frenetic and if I can’t get out I act more like a caged animal than contemplative Landscape Photographer and Mild Mannered Super Dad.  Everything else seems to take a back seat when the color is at its best.  All I can say is that my wife is extremely patient and supportive to put up with my fall foliage photographic shenanigans.

vermont photography by Kurt Budliger

Turning sugar maple leaves framing a weathered barn door in Walden, VT.

This year the color was rather good, especially when compared to the past several years.  Unfortunately the time I had allocated to getting out to shoot perfectly coincided with some terrible weather, rain with high winds or bright sunshine.  Oh well such is life and if there’s anything I’ve learned in the 14 years that I’ve photographing it’s that you can’t control the weather and there’s always something to shoot if you put in the time and open your mind to what’s around.  Here’s a collection of some of the shots that I particularly liked from this Autumn.

vermont photography by Kurt Budliger

A long exposure creates a swirling pattern in the surface of a small stream in Groton State Forest, VT.

vermont photography by Kurt Budliger

Early morning light creates a mirror like reflection on Chapel Pond in the Adirondacks

vermont photography by Kurt Budliger

A heavy fog on Heart Lake subdues the bright colors of Autumn in the Adirondacks

vermont photography by Kurt Budliger

An intimate composition of fallen leaves in a small Vermont stream

vermont photography by Kurt Budliger

Early morning light on the Jenne Farm in South Woodstock, Vermont.

And then as fast as the color seems to come it disappears even quicker, lasting only a couple of weeks.  Then I begin the process of editing and processing the images that really excited me and of course planning and anticipating next year when it all happens again.


~ by kurtbudliger on October 31, 2009.

One Response to “Autumn in Vermont, with a couple from the Adirondacks”

  1. I’m just completely amazed by your photography. You are a true source of inspiration for me.

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